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The Bergen Green Space is building out a diverse economy based around the practice of time banking. We are also organizing public events and building an archive of vacant lands across Brooklyn and a campaign to ensure democratic, community-driven development of them. 

The Bergen Green Economy

The Bergen Green Economy is founded on a system of time banking. For every hour a person contributes to BGS they earn one Spinach. People can in turn use Spinach to access goods and services through Bergen Green's various sectors including:

A Borderless Garden growing food across backyards, rooftops, window sills and vacant lots

A School offering courses in practical and political education that value student labor

A Community Kitchen serving food and fostering meaningful social exchange every first Sunday

An Offers and Needs Market where people can offer and request services and skills

A Library providing common access to books and tools.

Public Programming

We are organizing regular film screenings, performances and lecture series fully and freely available to the public in an attempt to foster rich discourse and meaningful social experiences outside the market. Check our calendar for upcoming events and activities.

Vacant Lots Project

Using public data, media and neighborhood canvassing we are compiling an archive of vacant public and privately owned lands in Brooklyn. We are building this archive to show the history of these properties, the impact of their abandonment and what neighbors want to see these lots become.

In partnership with existing organizations we hope to empower democratic, community-driven land use through targeted campaigns to transform individual lots as well as broader legislative campaigns to address neglect, absentee ownership and speculative development.

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