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The School at the Bergen Green Space offers classes, workshops and tutoring sessions in a broad range of topics. Take a look at our offerings below!

You can sign up for all available classes and tutoring by emailing

Pencil and notepad

Essay Writing Help

Every Wednesday 6-7pm

15 minute sessions (max. 2 sessions/person)

High School history teacher with fifteen years' experience is offering one-on-one tutoring services and help with essay writing. If you would like to learn how to write a research paper or would like help with revisions, please contact us.

The hour long tutoring session is broken up into 4 fifteen minute long "blocks". One person can sign up for a max of 2 blocks per session (i.e. 30 minutes). Email us with the date and time you would like to come in for tutoring and we'll add you to the schedule.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Every Thursday


Come learn to read, write and converse in English! One-on-one tutoring sessions are conducted via zoom and last 30 minutes each. Come Spring and Summer we will be meeting outside at the Bergen Green Space and conducting group classes.

¡Aprende a leer, escribir y conversar en español! Cada sesión de tutoría personal tiene una duración de 30 minutos. Durante el invierno la tutoría se llevará acabo mediante la aplicación Zoom. Cuando llegue la primavera comenzaremos a reunirnos en el Bergen Green Space y a ofrecer clases grupales.

ইংরেজিতে পড়তে, লিখতে এবং কথোপকথন করতে শিখুন! একের পর এক টিউটরিং সেশনগুলি "Zoom" এবং শেষ 30 মিনিটের মাধ্যমে সঞ্চালিত হয়। স্প্রিং এবং গ্রীষ্মে আসুন আমরা বার্গেন গ্রিন স্পেসে এবং গ্রুপ ক্লাস পরিচালনা করছিলাম meeting

yo hablo español.jpg

Spanish Language Tutoring

Every Thursday


Whether you are seeking help with coursework or simply want to learn the language, the Bergen Green Space is a great place to gain greater proficiency and fluency in Spanish!

Private tutoring sessions are conducted via Zoom and last 30 minutes each. Outdoor group classes and tutoring sessions will begin in the Spring of 2021.


Crocheting Workshop

Second Saturdays; 2-4 pm

next class: June 13

@ 70 Lefferts Ave.

Hi my name is Bartina everyone calls me Tina I'm a fashion designer my company name is Crochet Hands Couture.  Crocheting for myself have been very awarding for me it's my comfort zone crocheting has a lot of benefits it's a craft that is very relaxing as you can learn a skill to learn how to make your own hat or scarf or make a present for a love one or a friend. Come join Crochet Hands Couture for sessions.


Bike Workshop

Fourth Saturdays; 2-5 pm

next class: June 26

@ 70 Lefferts Ave

Want to get your bike in shape for Summer? Looking to learn a little bit about bike maintenance? Come on by!

maddy dance.png

Open Level Contemporary Dance (All Ages)

Next Class TBD

Beginners welcome! This introductory class will consist of a full-body warm-up and a taught section of contemporary choreography. We will explore different principles of Modern Dance, Ballet, and Gaga, as a way to access the body's natural movement with both rigor and freedom. 

Madelyn Sher is a multidisciplinary artist and educator from New York City. She has performed in various venues throughout New York City as a dancer and actor. She studied dance and theater at CUNY Lehman College, The Ailey School, Bates Dance Festival, LaGuardia High School, and Staten Island Ballet. Read more here:

Image by Boris  Smokrovic

Birding Basics Class

Next Class TBD

If you've fallen in love with the feathered friends in your neighborhood over the last year but can't tell a sparrow from a swallow, you're not alone. Join us for an hour-long session on Zoom to learn birding basics, including an introduction to common birds, audio and visual ID practice, and resource recommendations. Then put your skills to the test on a series of weekend walks in Prospect Park. Binoculars available upon request via email to


Emily Edmonds-Langham is an experienced birder and environmental educator. She is the Manager of Elementary Education at the American Museum of Natural History, where she has taught every kind of science from astronomy to zoology for many years. She spent last spring in competition with birding friends around the world to try to see as many species as possible wherever they were during lock down: read more here.

Dollar Bills

Political Economy

Returns 2022. Date and time TBD

In 2008, the world experienced the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The decade that followed this crisis was one of radical change and turmoil. From Bitcoin to Brexit, to Trump and the trade wars, the Great Recession of 2008 was the defining event of our time. Well, it was. COVID-19 is not only a global health calamity, but has led to unprecedented political and economic crises.

Over the course of the next few months, we will attempt to come to some understanding about how we got where we are today, and why it matters. The science of economics can sometimes seem intimidating, and even a bit far removed. It wasn’t until college that I began to study economics, mostly out of fear of numbers. But actually, economics isn’t all about numbers, nor is it all that scary. Furthermore, to study economics is to study how real-world issues affect our everyday life: what could be more interesting?!

Lev Moscow has taught International Political Economy at the high school level for over a decade, as well as courses on the history of the global economy at Florence University of the Arts in Italy, and at Think Olio in NYC. He is the co-host of A Correction Podcast (

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