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Offer & Needs Market
The Offer & Needs Market is a great way to practice direct, inter-personal mutual aid. 

Offer a Skill/Service
Let people know what you have to offer using this form

Request a Skill/Service
Let people know what you need using this form

View all Offers and Needs
Look at this spreadsheet to see what offers and needs people have posted.
If someone has felt comfortable enough to share their personal contact, you can reach out
to them directly. If not, Email and we will work to connect you!


The Offer and Needs Exchange is part of Bergen Green's Time Bank, which means you can earn Spinach for the hours you spend helping someone else. Learn how time banking works here

The Offers and Needs Market was started thanks to Ebony Gustave of Design for the CommonsWe took inspiration from the Offers and Needs Market designed by the Post Growth Institute and the Ridgewood Trades and Services Directory

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